Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting Closer

It's H-8 already. I'm still blogging, tweeting and doing things which is unrelated to SCHOOL lesson while next week is National Exam. Sounds scary and that's the kind of nightmare for me and other senior high students!. Why? Because, there will be five packages of test questions and it changes randomly everyday. So, if you get A package on the first day then it wouldn't be the same in another day. What a test! -_-"

The day is just getting closer and it's extremely harder to keep focus on study. Others said, this time is too late to study hard. Ehm, that might be true, because we just can't learn all the lesson materials in a very very short time. Well, one thing I feel so glad to know that I am going to be one room with my classmates in national exam. Wehoooo. Studying along three years together, finally doing the national exam together. *ups* Hope we can do our best next week. God bless us! 0:)

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