Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet Kim Kurniawan

As usual, after woke up I directly grabbed my phone to check twitter. Suddenly, I read my friend's (Chika) tweet. She said that her mom asked her to take a bath, because her dad just told her mom by phone that Irfan Bachdim is at the hotel now. So, I retweeted that tweet and said that I wanna join her to meet Bachdim. Then, she sent me a message on bbm to go to hotel asap. I woke up from the bed delightedly and took a bath very very quickly.

When I arrived at the hotel about three minutes, the bus that take the football players (Persema) from Stadion Klabat was also arrived. I called Chika to come to lobby. After we met, we were looking for Bachdim to take a picture with him. But, he's still very busy with his fans. So, we took the picture with Kim Kurniawan first. :)

Like Indonesian proverb said : "niat memeluk gunung, apa daya tangan tak sampai." Because of Irfan was too tired and too much fans surrounds him, he should go to the hotel room soon to take a rest before compete against MU (Manado United) on Sunday afternoon. So sad, that I couldn't take a picture with Irfan. Maybe, next time I can make it true, amen.

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