Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Chat Endless Talking - In Person Awkward

Do I really fall for him? I don't know I still confuse with my feeling. All I know is I certainly admire him and I feel comfort with him. Uhm comfort? Yes I do. I love having conversation on twitter with him. I wish I could make it in reality not only on cyber world. But, it's gonna be quite hard because he is a shy person. He even doesn't have enough courage to greet me first. So? Should I make the very first move? the answer is absolutely yes. I hate to be an aggressive one but in this case prestige is not allowed. I think he would appreciate the girl that have a courage to greet him first. I think if I already having a conversation in reality with him, we'd be a nice friend and it may continues to......HAHAHAHA.

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  1. hihihi sweet love story :) yes, you should make the very first move dear :D