Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Award

My first award! :-D

1. Give this award to 7 bloggers

2. Tell about yourself 
Ordinary person

3. Thank the blogger who gave you this award
Thank you so much Presticilla for giving me this award. Feel appreciated much :)

4. If you've ever been got this award, you'll still have to follow the rules
This is my very first award

5. Do the hole rules with heart
Alright ;)


  1. Are you giving me this award? :3

    Anw, I just realize you are my senior in SMA Binsus. 12 C right? I'm from 11 D hehehe :D

  2. Aww tenkyuu :3
    So what should I do with the award now? XD

  3. ur welcome.
    you should follow those five rules such as give that award to another seven bloggers, tell about yourself, and so on. Get my point? :)

  4. u deserve it as well, anytime rizka :)