Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meet Drew

Heeey! I met Sashi Gandarum, Aji Yudo, Putra and Rishanda. Yes, I met DREW! Totally contented and gleeful. Such a pleasure to meet my all time favorite local indie band that produced by Andi Rianto, personally. I listened to them since 2008 when their first single 'Unromantic' popped up 'till now. They already released an album on 2011 titled 'Sing With Drew' consists of 11 tracks. Another fact, they also contributed in Rectoverso Movie Soundtrack 'Hanya Isyarat' that originally created by Dewi Lestari. Awesome! 
My first impression to them that they are very humble and friendly. They shook hands and introduced their name one by one to me first! No need to ask but Sashi took the initiative to ask my name and write it on the album. I'm flattered. Really. Oh ya, their manager is also the best! Very kind, thanks to mas Rinto. Wish to see them again next time. All the success to you, DREW!

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