Friday, September 6, 2013

Blessed Twenty

Time flies really quick, already passed those teenage years and now I am officially twenty. Must not scares me but it's time to improve my self to be better (like always), do more things that I couldn't do later and much more. I hope that I could share happiness to the people around me and hopefully inspire them.

Thanks a bunch to my family and friends whose very kind at heart to let me smile and laugh and touched at the same time . For all the wishes, prays and surprises, I thank you guys muchhhhh. May your kindness be rewarded by the Almighty. :')))

Made by the sweetest people ; Lon, Ea, Rani, Malin, Bell, Doy, Ayu, Nita/Yosh

 Last but not least, greetings from my long distance best friends;

Written by Eka Mashanafi

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