Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hi 2014

We finally step to the first of 365 on 2014. So last night I just spent the new year's eve at home, did movie marathon on HBO and watched fireworks through the balcony. Actually it's more fun than I thought. Yes I was quite happy and thankful indeed. No need to be sad because I couldn't spend it at somewhere crowded with lots of people.

For me 2013 treated me good, really good and I am praying that 2014 will do the same, way better even. It is my senior year at college, so 2014 is gonna be full of struggle. Work on skill labs, exams, OSCE, KKP, proposal, thesis, research. Better brace my self and break a leg. 

In this new year I also want to make some changes.
I want to be braver in expressing feelings without thinking too long. Yes, I was thinking too long so many times and ended up regret. I don't want to let it happen again.

I want to be my self. Inspired by other people is okay but be my self is the thing I try on. I just want to be me without worrying what other people said and did. Also be more honest and more confident than before. So far, stand up at my own feet without depending on others through the years made me strong enough.

I want to be more friendly to people and make more friends. I heard that my friend's impression to me at first before they know me is I am arrogant. Pardon my look then. I am not like what you guys think hey! Haha. Hope that I am not act awkward anymore in starting conversation to people, spread more smiles, yup especially to the one I like, ups. Wait, who doesn't? I am not the only one right? Ok, now working on to be the ice breaker. Just like the first point. Be brave! It also might be the key of make more friends and hopefully meet my companion through ups and downs this year. Amiiiin.

Another roller coaster is about to spin. Hi 2014, here I am ready for every challenges to come!

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