Sunday, April 27, 2014


I pay attention to song lyrics sometimes or probably often. 'Cause it may describes my feelings more than I ever could. Classic. Chessy. Whatever you named it. Tonight I am listening to Lady Antebellum and their lyrics are well sung so I would pick up lines and post it here.

I haven't seen you in ages, sometimes I find myself wondering where you are.
Dancin' Away With My Heart

You promised you'd never break my heart never leave me in the dark.
Said your love would be for all time but that was back when you were mine
When You Were Mine

I could stand strong and still watching you walk away.
I wouldn't hurt like this or feel so all alone. I wish I was cold as stone.

Cold As Stone

My heart was open, exposed and hoping for you to lay it on the line.
In the end it seemed there was no room for me.

Wanted You More

Love takes time to build its defenses and trust takes time to tear down those fences
And what remains is stronger than ever before.

Somewhere Love Remains

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind for me it happens all the time.
It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.
Need You Now

You know you keep on bringing out the best in me.

And I need you now even more than the air I breathe.
You can make me laugh when I wanna cry, this will last forever I just know. I know.
When You Got A Good Thing

'Cause love only comes once in a while knocks on your door

And throws you a smile it takes every breathe leaves every scar
It speaks to your soul and sings to your heart.
If I Knew Then

Every heartache makes you stronger but it won't be much longer.
You'll find love, you'll find peace and the you you're meant to be.
I know right now that's not the way you feel but one day you will.

One Day You Will

No longer am I afraid of the fall down it must be time to move on now.
Without the fear of how it might end. I guess I'm ready to love again.
So come and find me I'll be waiting up for you I'll be holding out for you.
Ready To Love Again

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Kind of People Attracts Me The Most

Because they have different way of thinking, to see something from more than one perspective in solving problems based on analysis and knowledge. Without making it more complicated. Also they have deep insights at almost everything like music, movie, news, activities just anything so I will not run out of topic during the conversation. If someone is smart enough they always know how to run things well. It is exciting, isn't it? I am almost always have the heart for smarties, they are just adorable. Would love to meet one actually. 

No doubt! I am a moody person so people with good sense of humor are absolutely attracting. Whom creating cool jokes without hurt anyone's feeling at all. Just naturally funny. They can cheer up the days and make me feel like living the life a lot better. No boring, no sad tears but happy one. Maybe just maybe every girls would fall for the guy who loves made them laugh. Because laughter leads to happy. That's loveable, right?

Definitely inspiring, not boring and full of ideas. They solve problem in their own way but still brilliant and out of the box. It's just amazing to me. Artist, musician influence my life in so many ways through music, pictures, movie and so on. Use the brain and start imagine it dream it then make it happen by doing. Be productive all the waaaay! Then feel the positive vibes around.

So what are you? :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Petra's 22 Birthday Surprise

Dan lagi.. ketemu Petraaa. Dengan perjuangan yang berbeda dan seru. Hari pertama Petra tampil dalam festival musik di FEB Unsrat dan sayang sekali kita (re: Petralovers Manado) belum berjodoh ketemu saat itu. Alhasil, hanya menonton saja dan rencana memberi kejutan ulang tahun di hari itu pun gagal, hiks.

Berhubung ia kesini tanpa manager, kita jadi bingung mau minta bantuan sama siapa. Cara alternatif yang kita punya cuma kirim DM ke Petra. Tapi sampai hari kedua belum menunjukkan respon yang berarti. Salah seorang Petlov menyarankan untuk sms ke manager Ayahnya, soalnya dia kesini bareng Om Franky. Ternyata respon dari manager-om-franky sangat baik. Petlov Manado diijinin buat ketemu Petra nanti malam di Waroeng Charity. Mereka berdua bakal jamming ceritanya.

Nah, tanpa basa basi lagi kita langsung ketemu di Mantos sekitar jam delapan. Lalu sama-sama menuju Charity. Karena, ada jamming tersebut jadi harus beli tiket masuk seharga 100 ribu rupiah. Berhubung kita lagi kantong kering, jadi tak ada satupun yang beli tiket. Kita siapin kejutan di sebelah Charity. Saya, Clau, Titut sibuk nyalain lilin dan Abdul jagain abang di depan. Dan ternyata si Abang terlalu cepat masuk sampe kita telat mencegat. Duh.

Kita pun sms manager-om-franky tapi belum dibales. Makin panik. Gara-gara tingkah kita yang gelagapan begini, ada fotografer di Charity yang memerhatikan dan kemudian nanya, "mau ketemu Petra ya? Tuh dia di dalam lagi duduk kalian berdiri aja di depan, keliatan kok." Karena tak mau gagal untuk kedua kali, kita memberanikan diri berdiri di depan Charity sambil bawa kue ulang tahun. Padahal malu banget diliat orang-orang yang jaga di depan. Kebetulan Ayahnya Petra, om Franky melihat ke arah kita dan kita langsung kasih isyarat-isyarat mau masuk. Hahahaha. Om Franky akhirnya panggil fotografer tadi untuk kasih akses masuk gratis. Horeeee!!!! Kita kasih kejutan ke Petra sambil nyanyi "Happy Birthday", kasih hadiah, foto-foto dan ngobrol ngobrol deh seperti biasanya.

Kelar foto-foto kita pamitan dan say thanks to Om Franky dan Petra yang baik banget mau beranjak dari tempat duduknya waktu lagi ngobrol sama orang lain demi say bye to us. I knew that everyone are looking fiercely on us. Well, see you again! ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Musik Lokal (Vol III)

Here I go again with playlist. It's been a looong. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

See You, Kak!

"Will you coming home this holiday?
Please stay any longer a day or two
There’s nothing else I want then your presence
There’s nothing else I want"

It's been months since you passed away. Currently listening to your favorite song karena kangen! :')

Back then.. there came another saddest day in life. January, 10th 2014. Tears kept streaming down on my cheek, mind covered with memories of her when I got the news that she is just gone forever. Heartbreaking and unbelievable. All I know that she is healthy and doing fine these days but the hidden fact is not. Cancer cells may spread so fast in her body and she can't resist. So sad I never know she had the disease. A serious one. How I wish I could be a doctor earlier to help her detect the cancer cell or even prevent it.

She is the strongest, cheerful, kindest, helpful totally best person I have ever known. She is my senior since elementary to high school. We both didn't get so close until I wrote a blogpost about my favorite music and she gave a respond and we finally be friends. Then we started share each other intensively because our favorites are similar. We talked a lot about indie bands about their songs, concert and really had fun with it. She loves to offer me buying indie albums and I ordered twice. Surprisingly she bought me Banda Neira CD's plus the signature and little message from the artist on it, ahhh couldn't be happier. Our last meeting 'to get the album' on the past six months is just only twice. To be honest I wish I had another meeting, when we can doddle together like she wanted or watching our favorite bands. She loves to let me know and invited me to come at some concert but sadly the distance separates.

We have been kept contact via twitter and path. She often said what she wanna said on my post, haha. And oh! She is the one and only loyal readers I have known of my blog, she has subscribed mine so all my post will be notified to her email. :')

Kangen banget kaaaaak!!! It hurts me a lot that I can't be there on your funeral. Really really sorry for that. I wish someday I will be visiting you.

And even our friendship only lasted a while (kayak lagu Tulus nih; Kisah Sebentar), but I am so much grateful to know a you. Rest peacefully up there, 'till we meet again. ❤️