Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Kind of People Attracts Me The Most

Because they have different way of thinking, to see something from more than one perspective in solving problems based on analysis and knowledge. Without making it more complicated. Also they have deep insights at almost everything like music, movie, news, activities just anything so I will not run out of topic during the conversation. If someone is smart enough they always know how to run things well. It is exciting, isn't it? I am almost always have the heart for smarties, they are just adorable. Would love to meet one actually. 

No doubt! I am a moody person so people with good sense of humor are absolutely attracting. Whom creating cool jokes without hurt anyone's feeling at all. Just naturally funny. They can cheer up the days and make me feel like living the life a lot better. No boring, no sad tears but happy one. Maybe just maybe every girls would fall for the guy who loves made them laugh. Because laughter leads to happy. That's loveable, right?

Definitely inspiring, not boring and full of ideas. They solve problem in their own way but still brilliant and out of the box. It's just amazing to me. Artist, musician influence my life in so many ways through music, pictures, movie and so on. Use the brain and start imagine it dream it then make it happen by doing. Be productive all the waaaay! Then feel the positive vibes around.

So what are you? :)

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