Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pleasant Randomness

So here I am blogging again! Hello. Miss me? ..kidding. Well, you don't need to.

Today I am officially done my 6th semester with OSCE (Objective Structural Clinical Exam). I hope for the best, let Allah do the rest.

Currently writing here because lots of (not really) randomness I want to share. Since today is full of surprises!

First one is after done the exam, I went to Gramedia and accidentally met Marcelino Lefrandt. Quite random rite? But he wore beanie so not many would notice him. Then I remember him as the actor on 'Bidadari' tv series when I was a kid. Duh. :))
P.S: Manado is his hometown, his dad is cardiologist which is my lecturer too.

Second one, before Taraweh there's a seven-min-lecture from the mosque preacher. He was totally awesome because he slipped Bram-Hana-Hello Kitty. You wouldn't know this if you don't watch the tv series. I guess he must be infected by Catatan Hati Seorang Istri, hahahahahaha. Amusing!

The last one, it's my favorite musician on air at Demajors radio, Gerald Situmorang Trio. I asked a question by mentioning on twitter, they answered and greet me "hai ayuuu" ihihi. Norak yes? Pardon me anyway. Oh and the other bonus that I never (totally never) expected before, that one of The Overtunes personil, Reuben.. is following me. No, it's not a following back! He is following me and I am following him back!! Boom!!

These kind of things called Serendipity;
Finding something good without looking for it / fortunate happenstance / pleasant surprise. :')

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