Saturday, October 4, 2014

Loop Kreatif Project

A very happy feeling I got when I know Loop Kreatif Project does exist in my hometown, Manado. Because an event like this is quite rare so I am beyond excited about this. There are mobile video class by Jovial Da Lopez (part of SkinnyIndonesian24) and digital writing class by the expert, Dewi 'dee' Lestari!

I joined both classes with partner in crime-tivity, Bell. Though so many high schooler there, we just didn't care, we enjoyed the class a lot. Jovial Da Lopez coached the audience joyously that's why we had full of laughter. He told us how to be famous in Youtube in a cool way without following others and he shared the story how can SkinnyIndonesian24 be popular in Youtube nowadays. At the beginning of class, he asked us to form a group and created 'How To Be Manadonese' scenario and after class we have to show it in front of people and it turned out fuuuuun! Thank you for recharge our minds with creativity, Jovi!

Next, we came in to writing class with Dewi Lestari. This class is very encouraging and motivating. It's cool that my focus is not easily distracted, she coached us seriously but not boring. I amazed of how she imagined something and turned into a fine writing. That's just best! She is awesome! I wish my writing skill would way develop after this.

After classes, there was a music performance by Adera! He performed about 8 songs, behind the technical trouble he still did his best with the band. It's my very first time watching him live, so far so good. Been a fan since 2011 and today I finally asked for a sign on his album and took a picture. Have met a down-to-earth personality in him. Hope to see in the next chance. Such a one fine day, I'm feeling lucky! Yay!

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