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Loop Kreatif Project

A very happy feeling I got when I know Loop Kreatif Project does exist in my hometown, Manado. Because an event like this is quite rare so I am beyond excited about this. There are mobile video class by Jovial Da Lopez (part of SkinnyIndonesian24) and digital writing class by the expert, Dewi 'dee' Lestari!

I joined both classes with partner in crime-tivity, Bell. Though so many high schooler there, we just didn't care, we enjoyed the class a lot. Jovial Da Lopez coached the audience joyously that's why we had full of laughter. He told us how to be famous in Youtube in a cool way without following others and he shared the story how can SkinnyIndonesian24 be popular in Youtube nowadays. At the beginning of class, he asked us to form a group and created 'How To Be Manadonese' scenario and after class we have to show it in front of people and it turned out fuuuuun! Thank you for recharge our minds with creativity, Jovi!

Next, we came in to writing class with Dewi…

Farewell with Petra Sihombing

I honestly hate to call this a farewell. But that is the reality we must face. Every hello ends with goodbye, right? So, Petra Sihombing is about to hold the last gathering for his beloved fans, Petralovers on 10-10-2014 called #bercerit4. He said that on #bercerit4 he is gonna perform on stage for the last time. Petralovers around the cities in Indonesia must be really sad about this and not all of us could attend that last event.

Lucky us Petralovers Manado, we could see him before the farewell so we held an earlier farewell! After he performed in Kawanua Life Style Expo BCA at Mantos, we met him personally in a dinner. Another priceless moment, isn't it? We sat very close to him and talked like usual. We took selfies and videos. I felt that night is so short I wish I can make it longeeer! We had fun even just for a while. He gave a very sad statement about the farewell, he asked us to keep supporting and praying the best for him, the band and the crew. Indeed, we…

Lucky Strike

I was pretty lucky these days. In a month I won two quizzes on twitter.

I am a twitter addict because I love reading fresh informations, facts and few gossips just to keep me updated. Since I don't really into any organizations. Personally, the people (maybe not founded yet) are not really suit to me. I don't think it's a big mistake not to be in organization, right? As long as I enjoy what I live and get what I want/need in a proper way is actually enough. Guess, I talked too much why I am so into social media instead of social organization. I may lose some yet I may get some. Balance?
Back to quizzes thingy. I love to join quiz which offer good prizes, especially CD album from favorite artist, book, etc. So far I already won four CD albums from twitter quiz. I got Radio Galau FM soundtrack by @nadyafatira, Suddenly September (Self Titled) by @suddenlysept, Calvin Jeremy (Selamanya) by @gadismagz and the last Tulus (Gajah) by @negmus.

Casually gave a try to @negmus quiz b…

Xpresi Party Manado Post 2014 With Tulus

Acara rutin yang diselenggarakan oleh Manado Post ini merupakan satu-satunya acara yang saya tunggu tiap tahun. Bukan karena lomba-lombanya melainkan bintang tamu yang mereka hadirkan itu favorit saya semua hahaha. Kebetulan sekali tahun ini mereka mengundang Tulus. Sebelumnya di twitter @XpresiMP panitianya voting untuk bintang tamu dan saya (sendirian) beberapa kali voting Tulus sementara yang lain voting artis lain. Beruntungnya waktu dapat announcement dari panitia, Tulus lah yang akan jadi bintang tamu. Tentu saja senang itu pasti. Saya sama Bell pun menyiapkan hadiah spesial, beberapa hari memutar otak jadi juga nih karya buatan tangan sendiri.

Berhubung dia tampilnya pas minggu ujian, alhasil Tulus jadi motivasi saya untuk belajar keras biar ga remedial. And yes, you did it Tulus!!!
Sore itu, berhubung Tulus missed flight jadi dia tiba sore di Manado dan harus adain konferensi pers bersama peserta jurnalistik. Saya dan Teman Tulus sekalian nunggu dia di venue. Kami beserta pes…

Torang Pe Jazz by The Sea 2014

The first international jazz festival in Manado called "Torang pe Jazz by The Sea" was held in the field front of Manado Convention Centre on May 16th. It's one of the series of World Coral Reef Conference. They presented Like Father Like Son (Barry Likumahuwa & Benny Likumahuwa), Indra Aziz, Ermy Kullit, Indro Hardjodikoro, Fajar Adi Nugroho, Prof. Tjut Nyak Deviana and many more. I was very excited about this event because I waited a festival like this for so long and it finally happened! Yaaay! They performed a satisfying performance also which amazed me. The weather was being nice during the festival, I have witnessed rainbow, sunset and fullmoon while enjoying jazzy melodies. Much pretty right? :)

Petra's 22 Birthday Surprise

Dan lagi.. ketemu Petraaa. Dengan perjuangan yang berbeda dan seru. Hari pertama Petra tampil dalam festival musik di FEB Unsrat dan sayang sekali kita (re: Petralovers Manado) belum berjodoh ketemu saat itu. Alhasil, hanya menonton saja dan rencana memberi kejutan ulang tahun di hari itu pun gagal, hiks.

Berhubung ia kesini tanpa manager, kita jadi bingung mau minta bantuan sama siapa. Cara alternatif yang kita punya cuma kirim DM ke Petra. Tapi sampai hari kedua belum menunjukkan respon yang berarti. Salah seorang Petlov menyarankan untuk sms ke manager Ayahnya, soalnya dia kesini bareng Om Franky. Ternyata respon dari manager-om-franky sangat baik. Petlov Manado diijinin buat ketemu Petra nanti malam di Waroeng Charity. Mereka berdua bakal jamming ceritanya.

Nah, tanpa basa basi lagi kita langsung ketemu di Mantos sekitar jam delapan. Lalu sama-sama menuju Charity. Karena, ada jamming tersebut jadi harus beli tiket masuk seharga 100 ribu rupiah. Berhubung kita lagi kantong kering, j…

Musik Lokal (Vol III)

Here I go again with playlist. It's been a looong. Enjoy!

See You, Kak!

"Will you coming home this holiday? Please stay any longer a day or two There’s nothing else I want then your presence There’s nothing else I want"

It's been months since you passed away. Currently listening to your favorite song karena kangen! :')

Back then.. there came another saddest day in life. January, 10th 2014. Tears kept streaming down on my cheek, mind covered with memories of her when I got the news that she is just gone forever. Heartbreaking and unbelievable. All I know that she is healthy and doing fine these days but the hidden fact is not. Cancer cells may spread so fast in her body and she can't resist. So sad I never know she had the disease. A serious one. How I wish I could be a doctor earlier to help her detect the cancer cell or even prevent it.

She is the strongest, cheerful, kindest, helpful totally best person I have ever known. She is my senior since elementary to high school. We both didn't get so close until I wrote a blogpost about m…