Farewell with Petra Sihombing

I honestly hate to call this a farewell. But that is the reality we must face. Every hello ends with goodbye, right? So, Petra Sihombing is about to hold the last gathering for his beloved fans, Petralovers on 10-10-2014 called #bercerit4. He said that on #bercerit4 he is gonna perform on stage for the last time. Petralovers around the cities in Indonesia must be really sad about this and not all of us could attend that last event.

Lucky us Petralovers Manado, we could see him before the farewell so we held an earlier farewell! After he performed in Kawanua Life Style Expo BCA at Mantos, we met him personally in a dinner. Another priceless moment, isn't it? We sat very close to him and talked like usual. We took selfies and videos. I felt that night is so short I wish I can make it longeeer! We had fun even just for a while. He gave a very sad statement about the farewell, he asked us to keep supporting and praying the best for him, the band and the crew. Indeed, we do, Abang! We may not be there physically in #bercerit4 but you always know that our support goes to you endlessly. Wish that you are gonna surprise us with new stuff.