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Torang Pe Jazz by The Sea 2014

The first international jazz festival in Manado called "Torang pe Jazz by The Sea" was held in the field front of Manado Convention Centre on May 16th. It's one of the series of World Coral Reef Conference. They presented Like Father Like Son (Barry Likumahuwa & Benny Likumahuwa), Indra Aziz, Ermy Kullit, Indro Hardjodikoro, Fajar Adi Nugroho, Prof. Tjut Nyak Deviana and many more. I was very excited about this event because I waited a festival like this for so long and it finally happened! Yaaay! They performed a satisfying performance also which amazed me. The weather was being nice during the festival, I have witnessed rainbow, sunset and fullmoon while enjoying jazzy melodies. Much pretty right? :)