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Musik Lokal (Vol VI) Undiscovered OST Film Indonesia

Just because I discovered some cool Indonesia movie soundtracks and feel like make it a playlist on Spotify so everyone could listen but sadly some aren't available there.

So bad the music label did not release tracks as complete as on the physical. The unavailable ones are too good to be unreleased online.

That I am so glad I found and listened to them already. I decided to make a playlist on Youtube and hope it could be enjoyed by many.

Tracklist 1. Coffee - Leanna Rachel (OST. Filosofi Kopi 2: Ben & Jody) 2. I Still Love You - The Overtunes (OST. Cek Toko Sebelah) 3. How Could You - The Triangle (OST. Perahu Kertas) 4. Behind The Star - Adrian Martadinata (OST. Perahu Kertas) 5. I'll Find You - Kunto Aji (OST. Webseries SORE) 6. Far Away - Simon Adams (OST. Webseries LINE Nic & Mar) 7. Be My Wife - Tangga (OST. Lost In Love) 8. So Right - Music For Sale (OST. Hari Untuk Amanda) 9. Surrender - Float (OST. 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya)