Lucky Strike

I was pretty lucky these days. In a month I won two quizzes on twitter.

I am a twitter addict because I love reading fresh informations, facts and few gossips just to keep me updated. Since I don't really into any organizations. Personally, the people (maybe not founded yet) are not really suit to me. I don't think it's a big mistake not to be in organization, right? As long as I enjoy what I live and get what I want/need in a proper way is actually enough. Guess, I talked too much why I am so into social media instead of social organization. I may lose some yet I may get some. Balance?

Back to quizzes thingy.
I love to join quiz which offer good prizes, especially CD album from favorite artist, book, etc. So far I already won four CD albums from twitter quiz. I got Radio Galau FM soundtrack by @nadyafatira, Suddenly September (Self Titled) by @suddenlysept, Calvin Jeremy (Selamanya) by @gadismagz and the last Tulus (Gajah) by @negmus.

Casually gave a try to @negmus quiz by answering the question and wasn't expect so much. I just tried to answer sincerely using my own experience and voila! They chose me!

The other quiz I joined and finally won is #TaylorSwiftEssentials book by my favorite illustrator @dindaps, she chose randomly who tweeted the pic of her book. Yes, I am the lucky one. I got it! I have said even though I couldn't see Taylor Swift concert, the book may cheer me up. Surprisingly she is featuring the book I've captured on her blog.