Saturday, October 31, 2015

Meet Yovie & Nuno

Guess what? Today I met my favorite band since I was in junior high school, Yovie & Nuno. I love the band a lot. Their romance and broken-hearted songs in "The Special One" album are really suit to the love-life. You never know how freak I was about this band especially the vocalist, is Dikta. Sooo, this is my 7 f*ckin years of waiting! Finally I made it face to face. My dream just came true. He was really taken over my younger days, I stayed up 'till midnight and watched all TV music shows just too see him. I bought magazines just to read the articles. Just pardon it all. I am back to normal now and feeling so lucky! :p

P.S: I changed my night shift with my friend just too see them tonight but it paid off. 

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